WestHost Review


If you are looking for professional web hosting company, it is right if you’re come to see WestHost. They are professional web host and web hosting company.  Their product such as:

  • Web hosting from $3.60 is perfect for your small business, Blog, Forum, Ecommerce Store, CMS.
  • Cloud Hosting from $50
  • Dedicated Servers from $95

Or you can get more information with call them on their toll free phone and 24/7 live chat.нордстар девелопментсоздание сайта с нуля самостоятельно

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  1. I’m just a small reseller with a couple “larger” accounts to maintain.
    My previous host suddenly sold out after being there for years. They tried to make the transition “seamless,” but the service went downhill quickly under the new owners – I had to switch, or start losing my own customers.
    I liked WH’s presentation, and they had competitive rates, so I made the switch.
    That was over 10 years ago – which should say something.
    I’m not a super-sophisticated user, but I have needed support over the years, and I’ve always been impressed with WH’s customer service: relatively short waiting times, and always polite, willing attitudes. People who enjoy what they’re doing.

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