It enters the client area

Terms and Conditions of the Service/COUGH:
Phphostingreview prohibits dedicated sites a:

Illegal activities, including but not limited to store and/or to distribute illegal copies of software with rights of author, sites warez, violations of author rights and trademarks, violations of the laws of the United States, Mexico, Spain and/or of the native country of the contractor, illegal contraband distribution, Scripts de Proxy and/or Anonimizadores websites, IRC Bots, sites of lodging of images without a dominion name, unload or load of sites, sites of space for endorsements (Backups), services of CDN (Content Delivery Network), to offer gratuitous Web hosting, sites phishing, false or clones of other sites to obtain names of users, banking passwords, data and other data by means of deceits. Sites of deposit of guarantee, related programs of high performance of interest (HYIP) or sites, sites of Investments, Banking sites of AutoSurf, Bonds, Programs of Banking bond interchange, Banking Programs of First, sites of lottery, muds/rpg, loaded sites of hatred, focused sites to hackers its archives and programs.

Abuse of Internet, including but not limited Spamming - Sending a not asked for massive e-mail, the distribution of massive programs of e-mail, to send messages to great number of groups, to publish inflammatory obscene messages or, to threaten other users of Internet, bombing of the mail of the users of Internet, to execute dredges of packages or escáneres of port and to spammear to our personnel of support. Spammers is responsible for a guarantee of 500USD by cleaning of IP's of our servants

Abuse of the System, including but not limited the excessive use of resources of the servants, the excessive use of space in disc, the excessive use of space of e-mail storage, to hackear our systems, installation of programs or scripts that is executed continuously, as IRC bots, and the resale of scripts cgi.

Under no reason or exception, Phphostingreview offers to services to people or companies that are in the lists of sites as Fraud Record, SpamHouse or similars. People or companies that are in this type of lists and realise orders and payments of services will be ignored. Companies or people who are in this type of lists and realise payments of routine orders these will be subject to retention for revision and could be nonreimbursable in their totality or totally nonreimbursable depending the expenses generated by preparation concept on the required service, licenses, dominions, certificates, manpower, commissions, etc; in case of recidivisms (attempt of acquisition of services under other names) the total of the payment will not be reimbursable and it will be come to close the order on watch and account of client immediately.

In case of coming to a reimbursement for payments realised by people or companies that are in the lists of sites as Fraud Record, SpamHouse or similars, these will be able to take up to 60 days to be realised and, as it is described in the previous point: “they could be nonreimbursable in his totality or totally nonreimbursable depending the expenses generated by preparation concept on the required service, licenses, dominions, certificates, manpower, commissions, etc; in case of recidivisms (attempt of acquisition of services under other names) the total of the payment will not be reimbursable and it will be come to close the order on watch and account of client immediately.?

Content for adults:

The determination than “is contained for adults? and prohibited only it will be realised by Phphostingreview.

Administered Hosting WordPress:

Because this service IS ADMINISTERED by us, this service does not give access to some Control Panel as cPanel to administer the account of hosting, this service only gives to access to the administration of WordPress and the documentation of the subject chosen by the user.

Because the service is administered, the user will not be able to install subjects or plugins by his account, in case of requiring plugin additional to which they are available will have to ask for raising them a support ticket and this he could not be installed if he does not fulfill the security characteristics or if is not compatible with our surroundings, version of WordPress at the moment.

The premium subject is only included at the time of contracting the service and could only be changed by one new to the renovation again cycle; in case of requiring to change the subject before the renovation of the cycle this it will have a cost; in case of asking for a change of subject in a service with existing content the user will be able to choose between the reinstallation of the service from 0 with the new subject where demo will lose all the present content or in the pure activation of the new subject without the content where its content will be intact but it will be his responsibility to adapt and to rearrange the existing content so that the new subject is seen as in the page demo of the same; he will not exist historial of subjects and they will not be to disposition previous subjects, the subject is property of Phphostingreview and under no reason it can be given to the user.

The installation of the content demo of the subject is possible as long as the chosen subject allows to install content demo, otherwise only gives to access to the administration of WordPress with the subject and its installed dependencies as well as the documentation of the subject so that the client makes the modifications, adaptations, configurations of the subject and publication of content.

The client understands that, the subjects and plugins as well as WordPress are as much not developed nor maintained by Phphostingreview, reason why if some problem with some subject exists, plugin or the same wordpress, the user must hope to that the developer of the subject, plugin or wordpress publishes some update that corrects its problem; also, the client understands that, if the developer of the subject or plugin does not realise updates of compatibility with new versions of WordPress, his site could stop working or to visualize correctly and this is not problem of Phphostingreview, situation in which the client will have to choose a new subject or plugin.

The client understands that, as much WordPress as plugins and subjects are updated constantly, reason why the risk exists of which in some update of the same, its site will be able to stop visualizing correctly and this is not problem of Phphostingreview situation in which the client will have to choose a new subject, plugin or to review the new documentation of the subject, plugin or wordpress to readapt its content to the new update.

The client will not be able to ask for additional functions to which the subject and wordpress include natively.

The accounts of mail including in this service, redirections, changes or losses of the same will have to be asked for by means of a ticket of support to our department of support.

The accounts of mail including in this service, have a space of storage of 250MEGABYTE by account and the size of mailbox could not be extended under any reason.

In case the client wants to administer his accounts of mail, she requires but accounts of mail or space for the same she will have to separately contract a package of post office, which has a cost following the chosen package.

Our personnel of support cannot give instructions or to solve doubts on the use of WordPress, plugins or of the chosen subject, does not realise modification some to the site or to the pre-established configuration of WordPress by us, our personnel of support can manage, add, eliminate either, to publish publications, pages, products or content within WordPress since it is responsibility of the client to have the wished content.

Our personnel of support cannot realise modifications to code of WordPress, Temas or Plugins, realise special configurations to the already pre-established ones or write code of styles (CSS) within its site in WordPress.


Although we offer the service of endorsements (backups) in our packages of hosting and administered servants vps, the client is responsible to maintain a recent copy of its archives and/or the website in a system or remote servant.

In the service of hosting shared, the endorsements realised by us have a limit of 2GB by account, in case this limit is surpassed, the service of endorsements will be suspended of the account and it will be notified to the proprietor of the account by means of an e-mail.

The client can ask for an increase of limits of endorsement which can be acquired in blocks of 2GB with a cost of $5 USD by block, in case of needing a greater block, contacts to our area of sales to ask for a quote.

The dedicated servants and servants vps without administering do not count on the service of endorsements, is responsibility of the client to maintain a copy of their archives, websites, services and configurations of these servants.

Phphostingreview does not become person in charge of any loss of archives, configuration, information or data.

Updates of the System and maintenances:

The client understands that the updates of the system happen in real time and that these processes are matienen in tail as processes by lots.

All our servants daily update in hours not-tip, Phphostingreview reserves the right to modify the times of process and update without previous warning.

If a client or some personnel of support of Phphostingreview (when the client authorizes it) realises some modification in an account of hosting, the client is the person in charge to make sure that these updates/changes were realised in our systems.

Sometimes it is necessary to realise maintenances in our servants who can get to interrupt the service, updates that require a defective or damaged resumption or changes of hardardare, when one of these changes and/or maintenances is required to realise, Phphostingreview will notify to the client lodged in the servant who requires the change via mail and will put a warning in the cover of our website (www.phphostingreview.com).

It is responsibility of the client to be to the slope in these warnings and to take his measures necessary to stop and/or to slow down some process that estubiera executing or in its defect to postpone it.

Use of space and bandwidth in Shared Hosting:

90% of the content in its website must be tie from a webpage HTML, PHP or similar code from its same space of hosting, where all the content is of free access for the public.

Its website must essentially consist of webpages with a standard design, based text HTML and graphs.

Unballastable archives, average (audio, video etc.), contained of streaming or any file that consumes more of 500kb of space do not have to surpass 10% of the space used in disc.

The e-mail accounts will not have to surpass 20% of the space assigned in their contracted plan, in the case of the limitless plan, this cannot surpass 2.000 Megabyte.

With the purpose of to assure that these limitations are not broken in our limitless packages, the space Web and bandwidth assign in 250 increases of Megabyte of space Web and 1.000 Megabyte of bandwidth.

In limitless plans, when more space is needed and bandwidth the user is committed to contact with our personnel of Support being risen a ticket to ask for it.

In the limitless plans, the account could not be increased of space/bandwidth if the used space has an evil use or breaks some of our terms and conditions.

Use of resources in Shared Hosting, Reseller and VPS:

The users will not be able:

1) To use 25% or more of the resources of the system by more than 90 seconds.

2) To execute independent processes IRCD or processes without attention.

3) To execute processes or scripts that exceeds but 350 (Megabyte) memory of the servant in lapses 2 or more minutes continuous.

4) To execute cron-jobs, in intervals of less than 15 minutes.

5) To execute servants of game, statistics of processes of servants of games, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo or any other application of voice, torrents, sites related to torrents, trackers or applications in hosting shared, plans of remarketer or vps.

6) To execute any process related or that interacts with the programs of IRC and/or networks IRC.

7) Repeatedly to create and to eliminate a great number of archives regularly causing damages to the system.

8) Hosting and/or Scripts of Images (similar to Photobucket)

9) Scripts de Car-Surf

10)Mirror of Scripts/Car Dumpeado de Scripts (similar to rapidshare)

11) To execute any type of spider or indexer web site.


The users cannot exceed than 50,000 inodes on behalf of lodging more shared (an account of shared lodging is a user name cpanel).

This limit is to avoid overload in system.

Each e-mail, webpage, file, etc occupy an inode.

Hosting Free:

Phphostingreview has the program of Hosting without cost some for designers of websites and programmers Web that is dedicated to realise websites to 3eras people.

In order to be able to obtain the Hosting free, the aspiring al Hosting Free will have to verify that programmer is designer either Web or showing to the own audit of websites or completely finished applications, functional and that can be acceded publicly by means of a URL and an own dominion verifying that the aspiring publicly offers the development and design of websites and/or applications by means of a present website, page (s) of Facebook and/or Cuenta (s) of Twitter.

The aspiring will have to fill the request form correctly to be able to be candidate to our program.

The aspiring will have to answer with veracity the questions that our sales department can get to him to make after having sent the request to the program.

Priority to aspirings will occur who realise original designs and/or of their own audit, that is to say, that does not use groups or Cms's.

One will immediately discard aspirings who show as designs or development the use of portals of creation of automated Web sites, that is to say, services of creation of construction of websites on the basis of clicks or manipulation of objects as Jimdo, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace etc.

Due to the great amount of requests that are received daily to apply to the program, they will only be responded those where it is required that the aspiring responds additional questions or if is suction is accepted to the program.

If aspire to you were accepted to comprise of the program will be catalogued as member.

The member to the program has the obligation to free raise its own website in its package of Hosting in a term nongreater 8 working days, personal website in which it is due to put to detail the services of design and/or programming that offers, his information of contact (that it corresponds to full which in the request) and extra information that the member wishes to publish.

The space of hosting assigned for the member cannot be used for no other use that is not the one to promote, to supply and to present their services as developer Web.

The member to the program will have to buy its own dominion to free use it in its plan of Hosting.

Although he is not indispensable but recommendable, he is preferable that the website of the member within its Hosting Free not this realising by means of any group or Cms.

The member of the Hosting program Free will have in the same way to accept all the Terms and Conditions that our clients of services of payment.

Of beginning, they will free grant 1 month of Hosting to the member in a special package, which includes 1000MEGABYTE of monthly transference and 100MEGABYTE of space in disc, which can be increased to request of the member in blocks of 50MEGABYTE for the space in disc and 500MEGABYTE of monthly transference as long as that the content of its website within hosting fulfills the conditions of use of the Shared Hosting and Limitless Packages.

So that the member can continue enjoying the benefits of the Hosting Free by I number indefinite of months the member is committed to contract at least 1 personal plan of hosting the month for the development, design and/or programming of the websites that are asked for to him or in their defect, to refer its client who asks for his services to him that she contracts the service of Hosting with us.

The member to the program can be made deserving obtain its dominion completely FREE if it manages to join at least 5 constant clients of hosting, that is to say, that the clients maintain their active service with us.

Phphostingreview reserve to be free suspended and/or to eliminate the service of Hosting at any time and/or if the member does not fulfill the conditions of the program.

Dedicated servant, Reinstallation of the Operating system:

We free allow a reinstallation of the operating system per month for clients of servant of hosting dedicated.

If a client requires more than a re-isntalación, a quota of $ 25USD by incident will be applied to the account of the client.


We make its available attention to the client and has supported tenico gratuitous 24horas through our HelpDesk.

E-mails of technical support will be responded within 72 hours, normally are taken care of in less than 30 minutes.

Consultations of invoicing and sales will be only responded in working days and during labor hours.

The client commits himself to not spamear or mensajear repeatedly to our personnel of support.

All the tickets are responded in the order in which were received.

Our personnel of support does not offer: programming consultations; information of use of CMS's; identification of errors in scripts, line of code or CMS's; consultations on use of functions in scripts, programming languages or application of 3eros; maintenance or optimization of CMS's and data bases, among another type of consultations that would directly intefieran with the content or direct manipulation in archives of the website of the client.

Policy of payment:

All the services are offered in monthly or annual collection, some services are offered in biennial and three-yearly collection.

The payment of all the orders (orders on watch or orders of orders) will be due to be realised in the following 72horas to the accomplishment of the order, otherwise the requested order on watch/will be cancelled automatically by our system and the client will have to realise, of new account, a new requested order on watch/.

In case their order is cancelled and a later payment is realised, this payment will be added to its account as credit to favor and will be able to use this balance to realise a new requested order on watch/.

At the moment, Phphostingreview only accepts payments by means of Paypal.

Once an order is sent correctly, the client is subject to the policy of reimbursement of Phphostingreview.

The unique payments are not reimbursable.

All the monetary transactions will be realised in Mexican Pesos, Euros and Dollars of the United States.

Notes and/or invoices cannot be sent by email postal or fax.

All the InterNIC tariffs are independent of the costs of Phphostingreview and the client is responsible for the opportune payments to InterNIC for the property of the dominion.

Phphostingreview reserves the right at any time to change to the cost and price of the Services.

The multiple payments to one or several services (services that were pleased more in one go with multiple subscriptions of Paypal) only can be credited to the account and they cannot be reimbursed through Paypal.

The subscriptions of payment by means of paypal are complete responsibility of the client and this he is responsible to maintain activates it (to assure the continuity its service) or to cancel it in case the service is not desired but.

In case some service counts on a subscription of paypal, it is total responsibility of the client to realise the cancellation of the same or to ask for the cancellation of the subscription of paypal at least with 15 days of anticipation since this requires that the executive of sales scales the request to some administrator so that conducts this battle; our executives of sales do not have access some to paypal reason why they cannot conduct these battles or know if the service maintains some subscription.

Like the duplicated payments, if some subscription of paypal noncancelled exists and paypal it sends the payment of the new cycle and the service is not used (or it was cancelled by the client by means of our panel of clients or I solicit to cancel it by means of a support ticket), this payment only can be credited to the account and they cannot be reimbursed through Paypal.

If it needs aid with this policy, please put yourself in touch to our hello@phphostingreview.com mail or raise a ticket to the sales department.

Additional characteristics:

The additional characteristics can be added at any time. When a characteristic is added, to the client it is applied to a position by the month and every month to him following until the end of his cycle of invoicing.

The prices of additional characteristics are not prorated.

Notifications of Renovation and collection:

The notifications of renovation and collection will be sent by email electronic to the email address in our systems.

The clients are responsible to maintain their information of up-to-date contact.

The client commits himself to use an email address of armed contact as his email address of contact.

The client can at least change to their cycle of invoicing (monthly to annual, annual to quarterly etc.) 10 days before the end of their cycle of present invoicing.

The client commits himself to be to the slope to receive these notifications in his e-mail of contact, in case she does not receive them, the client commits himself to inform into this to give him a pursuit to us and that the client can receive the notifications without trouble.

Payments and Suspension of the service:

Phphostingreview will create a payment receipt 15 days before the aim of the cycle of invoicing, receipt that servira as payment reminder, later we will send a reminder of 8 payment and 1 day (s) before the aim of the cycle of invoicing, later will send a reminder of payment overcome days 1, 2 and 3 after the aim of the cycle of invoicing, in the case of shared Hosting and to reseller, if the payment is not realised after these 3 days later days to the aim of the cycle of invoicing, we will come to suspend the service, day 4 will be applied a surcharge of 18%, if after 30 day of the aim of the cycle of invoicing the corresponding payment does not appear, we will come to finish the account and to elimiar the archives of our servants, in the case of Dedicated servants VPS and, if the payment is not realised before the aim of the cycle of invoicing the service will be suspended the day that finishes its cycle of invoicing and it will only be 7 to realise the payment, past those 7 days, we will come to finish its account and to eliminate its VPS/Dedicado servant of our Network to put it at the disposal of rent.

Reactivation of Cuenta:

If an account cancelled due to the request of the client or problems of invoicing and the client wishes to return to activate the account, a position by nonreimbursable reactivation of $ 19.95USD will be required before the account reactivation.

The accounts will be reactivated after all the pending positions are pleased, including the positions by disputes, fines by disputes and/or receipts of pending payments of lodging and honoraria of bad check processing (if it comes).

If an account were cancelled or suspended due to the violation of the policy, Phphostingreview reserves the right of not reactivating the account.

Policy of Reimbursement:

Phphostingreview offers 15 days of guarantee in Hosting Compartido and Reseller to realise a reimbursement.

Once the first 15 days have happened there are no prorated reimbursements.

Phphostingreview offers 7 days of guarantee in VPS to realise a reimbursement.

Once the first 7 days have happened there are no prorated reimbursements.

The policy of return of Phphostingreview is only applied to new clients new and/or accounts. For example, if you register yourself for an account, it cancels and it is registered again, you you are not eligible for a reimbursement.

There are no reimbursements for the dedicated servants.

Some by services of dominion registry is no return.

If Phphostingreview finishes/suspends to an account due to the violation of our policy and/or the Terms on watch, there will be no reimbursement.

The honoraria regarding additional characteristics are not reimbursable.

Retentions of money Or Disputes:

The retentions of position and the disputes with respect to any payment will give rise to the immediate suspension of all the services of the account until the dispute is eliminated, and will be prohibited in the account of the client the generation of any other order. To discretion of the Department of Invoicing, all the services of the account can be terminated without compensation in case of dispute or retention of some position.

The imputed fines and amounts that are from a dispute will have to be paid by the client without exception some and will give to the generation of a new receipt of payment by these concepts.


Phphostingreview reserves the right to cancel the service at any time.

If an account is cancelled by a violation of the policy, there will be no reimbursement. The rapist of the policy can be deserving to a $500USD fine.

The clients can cancel the service at any time.

The cancellations are not accepted by email electronic.

All the cancellations must be asked for through Control Panel of the client.

NEW users of Hosting Compartido and Reseller whom they cancel within the first 15 days on watch are eligible for a reimbursement by our guarantee of return of money of 15 days.

The guarantee of return of money of 15 days is only applied to the lodging tariffs Web.

If the client asks for the cancellation, its account will be cancelled immediately.

Phphostingreview reserves the right to eliminate the contents of the website without previous warning.


The client accepts to defend, to compensate and to maintain undamaged to Phphostingreview against any responsibility derived from sold defective products to the clients from the servants of Phphostingreview, personal injuries or damages to the property caused by products or services sold or distributed from the servants of Phphostingreview, any material that presumably violates or infringes the rights of a third available one from the servants of Phphostingreview, and any material that she supposedly defames to a third party from the servants of Phphostingreview.

Legal services and/or Lawyer:

When using anyone of the services of Phphostingreview, the clients are according to the use of a legal service or in its defect of a lawyer.

If controversies or claims arise against Phphostingreview or its branchs, such controversies will be handled by a lawyer of the election of Phphostingreview.

All the resolutions dictated by this lawyer will be definitive.

The clients are responsible for any and all the costs related to the Lawyer.

Unloading of Responsibility:

Phphostingreview is not responsible for the damages to the companies of any client.

Phphostingreview does not offer any guarantee or guarantees of no type, express or implicit of the services that we provided.

The use of hosting of Phphostingreview, servants and services of e-mail is against the account and risk of the client.

The services of Phphostingreview are provided so “what as is available?.

Phphostingreview does not guarantee that our services will be uninterrupted or free of errors.

Phphostingreview will provide all the efforts of good faith to assure that their services are available for the users of Internet as the smaller possible number of interruptions in the service.

In no Phphostingreview circumstance he will be responsible by any resulting reclamation for the use or impossibility of use of the services of Phphostingreview - including, but not limited, interruptions of the service, errors of the client, problems of connection to Internet, lack of communication, the nonauthorized access to the servants of Phphostingreview, problems of InterNIC, it breaks of DNS, the congestion of the bandwidth of Internet, faults of energy, vandalism and natural disasters.

In case of a violation of these terms, Phphostingreview reserves the right to cancel and/or to suspend the account without previous warning and no reimbursement. The client to violate the policy becomes person in charge of the damages to the Phphostingreview systems, servants, connectivity, reputation, businesses, service, network, the operations or the equipment. The violator of this policy can pay a cleaning or but $500USD tariff.

Phphostingreview reserves the right to review our policies at any time.