Startlogic Review

StartLogic web hosting, they have trusted by over 100,000 costumer. Real people, real service, real savings is their slogan. They try to keep update new features and services.

Their product such as: Personal Logic $3.99/month, Pro Logic $5.95/month, VPS Logic $29.99/month.

Bonus features they provide:

  • Facebook $50 ad credits
  • $100 bonus Google Adwords
  • $25 Yahoo + Bing credits
  • Free Listing Yellow Pages
  • Shop Site Online Store $20/month
  • Gallery2 Free Installation
  • WorPress free Installation
  • Joomla free Installation

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One Reply to “Startlogic Review”

  1. I started with Start Logic 5 years ago. It got decent reviews than and the price was right. I set up my website – with a lot of help from them. It was not easy in fact it was extremely complicated. I guess I didn’t know any better. It was my first website. My website runs with no problem. I like to go back in and make changes/updates 2-3x a year. Their control panel is so not helpful. I have never, I mean NEVER, been able to enter through their control panel successfully. I have to call them and have them do something to it so I can enter. Last week they told me the problem is Internet Explorer. Start Logic does’t work well with Internet Explorer. Really? They also told me to go into the control panel and select another type of web designer, the one I am using is basically no good. Have you seen their control panel? I have no idea what all those icons mean. So now I have to write another website – with another hosting company. Like I have time for all this hassle.

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