It enters the client area

Plans of Administered Servants VPS:
We have a servant VPS who adapts to your needs.
Monthly cost:

Annual cost:


$75 USD

$825 USD

To contract
$95 USD

$1.045 USD

To contract
$120 USD

$1.320 USD

To contract
$140 USD

$1.540 USD

To contract
$160 USD

$1.760 USD

To contract
Ram memory 1 2 GB 1.5 2,5 GB 2 3 GB 2.5 4 GB 3 6 GB
vCpu (1x) 3.20Ghz (1x) 3.20Ghz (2x) 3.20Ghz (3x) 3.20Ghz (4x) 3.20Ghz
Disc space Raid 75 150 GB 100 200 GB 125 275 GB 175 350 GB 200 400 GB
Bandwidth 1.000 GB 2.000 GB Limitless Limitless Limitless
Control Panel cPanel & Whm cPanel & Whm cPanel & Whm cPanel & Whm cPanel & Whm
Premium Softaculous
IP's Dedicated 2 2 2 2 2
Administered service
Root access
Location The USA The USA The USA The USA The USA


*Por limited time all our VPS's Servants have vCpu Cores, Ram memory and space in additional Hard disk He is useful. This supply only this available for new orders or existing clients who raise of plan a high package but of their present plan.
cPanel & Whm Including:

Our Administered Servants VPS include the suite of administration of websites of world-wide class cPanel & Whm.

While the majority of the companies receives an extra by installation and use of this suite, we included it pre-installed in our plans without no additional cost.

Complete administration of Servant VPS:

These plans of administered Servants VPS are 100%.

You need to install something in your Servant VPS? Simply it accedes to the area of clients and raises a support ticket. We have support for scripts of known 3eros but.

Monitoring of Servant VPS:

It sleeps Calm! Our Administered servants VPS come with a monitoring 24horas the 365 days of the year.

Of such reason we are in favor to the slope in any fault or evil operation in hardware that the servant can get to have, as well as in DDoS attacks and an evil use of resources of the servant or an excessive use of resources.

Our equipment of support and our managers are notified when “something goes poorly? and immediately the actions necessary are taken to reestablish, to stabilize or to improve the service.

All these plans of Servants VPS Soportan:
WordPress WordPress
Joomla Joomla
Drupal Drupal
Moodle Moodle
PrestaShop PrestaShop
Magento Magento
osCommerce osCommerce
OpenCart Opencart
Dolphin Dolphin
MediaWiki MediaWiki
And many other Scripts/Cms's.
So that to choose to us?

We are a group of engineers in systems, programmers and designers, reason why we know the needs the end user and/or other programmers/designers with advanced knowledge.

Therefore, we ourself we tried, we formed, we monitored, we administered and we used our servants of form in which all type of needs and our clients work of the best way for.

We know the majority the errors and problems that could be gotten to present, anticipating us to that, we formed our servants to avoid the common errors but and that of that way, our clients of hosting dedicate 100% to the programming and design.


All our servants in production count on endorsements daily and monthly, in servants in another geographic ubucación and dedicated only for the endorsements.

Our daily endorsements are 8 of retention and our monthly endorsements have 1 month of retention.

You need to load a previous endorsement? Simply it raises a support ticket and we will make your available the endorsements available of your account of hosting.

Confused? Doubts envelope that to choose?

You do not worry, it jeopardize with the honesty and one practices of good ethics, our advisers highly enabled will be able to recommend the best service or package to you for your project or devises.

You can be completely safe that we will not offer packages or services that exceed your needs using “deceits? or terms and explanations to you that you cannot understand so that you spend but.

All our requests of sales, suggestions, complaints, information and support happen through our managers reason why you can have confidence of which not only we are “a company but of hosting?.

Ponte in touch with us sending a mail to hello@phphostingreview.com or making click in this league to fill a form and one of our agents of sales will guide and recommend what is the service or package to you that adjusts but to your needs.