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New Hosting Wordpress

Forget to you the maintenance, updates and administration of Wordpress and only dedicate to you to publish and to change your content with our new plan of hosting administered for WordPress. We were in charge of all the administration, maintenance and optimization of your site!

He includes .com dominion, PREMIUM subject of WordPress and accounts of mail


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*Descuento in annual cycle


Discount + Migration Free

It changes to your service of hosting with us and obtén 50% of Discount in your first month on watch.

In addition, we were in charge completely of the migration of your site FREE, without interruption and in MINUTES.

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Your site completely FREE

If you are designer Web, we provided with hosting your website completely to you FREE.

Obtén a plan of hosting FREE right now, you do click in the button of down filling the application and describing to obtain your plan of hosting FREE.

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Our basic services begin from:
USD to the month
  • 5000 Megabyte Space
  • 10000 Megabyte Bandwidth
  • cPanel Control Panel
  • Premium Softaculous
  • 99,99% Uptime
  • Daily endorsements
USD to the month
  • 2 VCpu Cores
  • 2 GB Ram* Memory
  • 150 GB Espacio*
  • LIMITLESS Bandwidth
  • 2 IP's Dedicated
  • cPanel & Whm Including
USD to the month
  • 3,40 Ghz I-Xeon E3-1270
  • 16 GB DDR3 ECC RAM
  • 1000 GB SATA Space
  • 10 TV Bandwidth
  • 4 IP's Dedicated
  • Several Operating systems
USD to the year
  • Also Available
  • .net
  • .es
  • .com .mx
  • .mx
  • .edu .mx
*Doble Ram memory and But Space in Storage in Servants VPS in promotion per limited time. It is useful!
Premium Softaculous  Car installer of scripts:

We offer Premium Softaculous without additional cost in all our packages with cPanel.

With this tool you can only install but of 300 scripts and/or any CMS as Joomla or Blogs as Wordpress and manetenerlos updated with a single click with entering the tool “Softaculous” from his Control Panel.

Support 24/7  Support 24/7:

All our vps web hosting services count on support the 24 hours directly the 365 days of the year from our area of clients.

You need Support? Simply it accedes to the area of clients and raises a support ticket and one of our agents will respond you but soon possible and pursuit will occur him to your request.

CloudFlare CDN  CloudFlare CDN:

As Certified Hosting Partner de CloudFlare, we can offer of GRATUITOUS way east to you service of Network of Contenidos (CDN) service with which your website will load much more fast, will use a 60% less than bandwidth and will be protected.

It directly activates this easy and fast service from your Control Panel acceding to the CloudFlare option.

All our plans of hosting support:
WordPress WordPress
Joomla Joomla
Drupal Drupal
Moodle Moodle
PrestaShop PrestaShop
Magento Magento
osCommerce osCommerce
OpenCart Opencart
Dolphin Dolphin
MediaWiki MediaWiki
And many other Scripts/Cms's.
So that to choose to us?

We are a group of engineers in systems, programmers who understands javascript, html, etc and designers, reason why we know the needs the end user and/or other programmers/designers with advanced knowledge.

Therefore, we ourself we tried, we formed, we monitored, we administered and we used our servants of form in which all type of needs and our clients work of the best way for.

We know the majority the errors and problems that could be gotten to present, anticipating us to that, we formed our servants to avoid the common errors but and that of that way, our clients of hosting dedicate 100% to the programming and design.


All our servants in production count on endorsements daily and monthly, in servants in another geographic ubucación and dedicated only for the endorsements.

Our daily endorsements are 8 of retention and our monthly endorsements have 1 month of retention.

You need to load a previous endorsement? Simply it raises a support ticket and we will make your available the endorsements available of your account of hosting.

Confused? Doubts envelope that to choose?

You do not worry, it jeopardize with the honesty and one practices of good ethics, our advisers highly enabled will be able to recommend the best service or package to you for your project or devises.

You can be completely safe that we will not offer packages or services that exceed your needs using “deceits” or terms and explanations to you that you cannot understand so that you spend but.

All our requests of sales, suggestions, complaints, information and support happen through our managers reason why you can have confidence of which not only we are “a company but of hosting”.

Ponte in touch with us sending a mail to hello@phphostingreview.com or making click in this league to fill a form and one of our agents of sales will guide and recommend what is the service or package to you that adjusts but to your needs.